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GC Restoration is wholly owned & operated by Geoff Luck and his family, who have lived on the Gold Coast for over 40 years. Located at 21 Demand Avenue, Arundel, Queensland, GC Restoration is now one of the largest Automotive Restoration shops in Australia.

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2 FACE HZ UTE - GC Restoration Shop Ute

The very unique "2 FACE" built by Geoff Luck, the Owner of GC Restoration. "Harvey” as he is known here in the shop is a real life before and after of what’s possible when it comes to revamping muscle and classic cars, a moving business card so to speak.... Geoff has had this odd idea for a resto in his head for years and has been talking about doing up an old Ute to use as a GC Restoration shop runabout for quite some time. He got to chatting about it earlier this year with our dear friends George & Pippa Hacon, and they mentioned they had a few old Utes that their kids had driven over the years, parked up back on their property near Mt Isa that might come up ok. George said, “They could do with a half tidy up but maybe one of them might suit your needs”. We picked “Harvey” out of the line up because he suited the odd idea Geoff had in mind. George kindly donated the body shell and chassis to Geoff’s cause AND we’ve all taken him at his word and given it “the half tidy up” Geoff had in mind lol. “Harvey’s” driver’s side has been bare metaled, repaired, straightened and freshened up to look like a Sandman tribute from front to back, inside and out, top and underbody, right down the middle. BUT the passenger side has been left almost exactly as it was. We salvaged what we could. It’s been sun and weather damaged, it’s got dents, holes, bits missing, lost or damaged and bloody red dirt everywhere! “Harvey” is certainly a head turner!

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1972 XY 4X4 Utility completed August 2022

Factory 1972 XY 4X4 UTILITY, 1 of 432 ever made. The lucky owner of this beauty actually has two of them and the other one has been left in its original state with a plan to show them off side by side. Our instructions for this build were “Let’s leave the trim and Engine as they are meant to be (sorry but we just had to add the GT steering wheel lol) and then let's have some fun with the rest”. “Big Bird” as she’s known to us here in the shed, has been restored and then mocked up to look like a XY GT with a few twists and personal touches added to reflect the man himself and his Cattleman background.

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