1972 XY 4X4 Utility completed August 2022

Factory 1972 XY 4X4 UTILITY, 1 of 432 ever made. The lucky owner of this beauty actually has two of them and the other one has been left in its original state with a plan to show them off side by side.
Our instructions for this build were “Let’s leave the trim and Engine as they are meant to be (sorry but we just had to add the GT steering wheel lol) and then let’s have some fun with the rest”. “Big Bird” as she’s known to us here in the shed, has been restored and then mocked up to look like a XY GT with a few twists and personal touches added to reflect the man himself and his Cattleman background.
She’s been painted in a customized version of Saffron Gold Pearl with Gloss Black stripes. The original saddle trim has had a freshen up and a new set of carpets. 6 Cylinder Engine and 3 speed manual gearbox have had a freshen up and given a new coat of paint. The motor is laid over from factory in these old girls to accommodate the front diff. We’ve added a period specific looking radio with Bluetooth features and electric under dash power steering system, so it looks as it should but has some hidden modern comforts. We’ve replaced the standard GT 351 stickers in the side stripes and personalised her with XY 4X4 decals. We’ve also added an Akubra Hat to the Superoo decals and same again on the embroidered spotlight covers. The tailgate has had the Falcon 500 badge replaced with one word “SUGAR”, those who know George know he’s almost always referred to as Sugar lol. She was a fairly rare bird before, now she’s most definitely a head turner and one of a kind, just like her owner. We’ve had a lot of fun with this build and as always it’s a joy to build cars with George and his family.